India Market Entry

Successful Strategies & Support Services To Enter India

India is a huge market and the business opportunities are abundant. A stable government, an upwardly mobile population, quality labour and Special Economic Zones work towards your advantage if you are considering entering India for doing business.

At TwinCap, we possess the expertise you need. Our integrated market entry strategy coupled with extensive delivery capabilities, deep financial, operational and robust industry expertise gives you a solid footing on foreign soil. We have assisted companies across the globe and from various sectors. Whether you are in the early stages of your exploration or have already done the preliminary research for setting up a company, we can assist you.

Our India Market Entry Strategy
follows a phased approach.

Market research and
industry analyses

We provide deep insights into the Indian market on a variety of areas such as competition analysis, availability of skilled workforce, key raw materials and infrastructure for your business.

Formulation of
business strategy

We closely study your business objectives while evaluating the most appropriate India Entry Strategy to achieve optimum results.

Some key planning points are:

  • Understanding prevailing industry scenario
  • Assessing market segments 
  • Comparing business models
  • Checking out competitive landscape
  • Recommendations on M&A and strategic partnerships
  • Risk mitigation and revenue generation models
  • Advise on regulatory frameworks

The outcome of this planning activity will be a well defined business plan that will take in to account your investment needs, costs, projected revenue, profits and cash flow for the future.


Incorporation of an Indian Entity

We guide you through various options for incorporating an Indian entity and help you choose the best possible solution.

Structuring of capital infusion to the Indian entity

In compliance with FDI regulations and rules framed by the central bank (Reserve Bank of India), we help you choose the best possible route to invest in India, safeguard your investment and maintain sufficient funds for the operations of an Indian entity at minimal cost.

Tax planning and repatriation of profits

Our team has extensive experience in International Taxation, DTAAs, and Transfer Pricing arrangements and we can help you sail through these arrangements without any hassles.

Recruiting key executives

One cannot stress enough the importance of Human Resources in an organization. With our well connected network of recruiters, we can help you hire the best people for your organisation.

Identification of land for setting up the business/Plant

We source land that’s close to all your business needs: raw material, skilled labourers and market proximity. We also ensure that land ownership is totally legal.

Regulatory approvals

We provide end-to-end solutions and help you get necessary approvals from the Central and State Governments for investments and project approval from the local authorities, pollution control board and others to set up and run your business smoothly.

Undertaking M&A/JV activities

In case you’re looking for an Indian partner or an already up and running facility to speed-up the project, we help you to identify ideal targets which are following best-in class policies with similar work-culture to ensure a hassle-free integration into a global business operation.
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