Investment Banking

Level the playing field by having an experienced advisor by your side

Selling a business, acquiring or merging with a competitor or raising capital is complex, time-consuming endeavors. When your counter parties are very experienced in structuring and negotiating these transactions or have retained a capable team to support them, you need someone on your side to help you. At Twin Cap we provide tailor made solutions to help entrepreneurs establish and grow their ventures.

Raising Capital

Access to adequate capital is the primary factor for growth, and as entrepreneurs ourselves, we totally understand this. We help entrepreneurs to raise the right amount of capital, at the right time from right investors and ensure strategic alignment with the entrepreneur’s vision for growth and cultural fit. Based on the stage of a company’s growth journey, sector and their objectives, we explore our global investor network and implement the most optimal solution for each Capital Raise situation. Our Advisory team works with entrepreneurs to refine the vision and prepare the company on all aspects which are essential for raising institutional capital. Some of these steps include:
    • Advise the company in positioning and identifying the key value drivers
    • Preparation of Investor Docs (Teasers, IM, Financial Model, Biz Plans, etc.)
    • Advise on Valuation and Round structuring
    • Short-list Investors with the best strategic and cultural fit
    • Engage with investors on transaction structure/valuation discussions
    • Assist in Due Diligence and negotiation of term sheet

    • Closure of capital raise process and documentation of transaction

Mergers & Acquisitions
(M&A) Advisory

With the right merger or acquisition, one can unlock the potential of a business many fold. At TwinCap, our industry connections and deep domain expertise can help you find the ideal partner in your growth journey. We advise on Cross Border Synergistic Deals, Mergers, De-mergers, Sell-side and Buy side advisory, leveraged buyouts and Joint Ventures. Our independent and non-conflicting role provides clients impartial and objective advice in their negotiations.

The typical process would involve the following steps:

  • Advise the company in positioning and identifying the key value drivers
  • Preparation of Investor Docs (Teasers, IM, Financial Model, Biz Plans, etc
  • Data room establishment
  • Conduct internal due diligence to prevent value disclosure surprises
  • Short-list potential acquirers with the best strategic and cultural fit
  • Analyse and agree on sale alternatives and broad value perception
  • Engage with investors on transaction structure/valuation discussions
  • Assistance in deal structuring and contract negotiations
  • Transaction due diligence

ESOP Services

Attracting & retaining top quality human resources is of highest priority for any organization for their smooth functioning & rapid growth.

Early-stage startups have to compete with the large MNCs who offer fat pay-packages to top talents. However, as a startup you can still attract them by offering them a stake in the company which has enormous potential to create a massive wealth for those who join your company at an early-stage.

Equity linked compensation plans (ESOPs) are the perfect instruments to attract & retain top quality talents in your company by compensating & incentivizing them.

We help you in creating a bespoke ESOP Plan that suits your organization by assisting you in following ways:

  • Identification of key resources currently working in the organization & future requirements
  • Assess the amount of wealth creation for each of the employees
  • Ascertain the extent of dilution in shareholding for the planned wealth creation
  • Determine the timelines for implementation of the ESOP pan
  • Tax planning for the ESOPs
  • Help in documentation & statutory filings related to ESOP Plan

Why work with us

  • Efficient, close coordination and swift response to all issues.
  • Senior level partners provide skilled, objective representation.
  • Team carries 50+ man years of broad business experience, and 10+ years working together as investment bankers.
  • A rare combination of experience as financial professionals as well as transaction professionals.
  • We invest time to gain an intimate understanding of the client’s position and competitive advantage.
  • Deep understanding of capital structures, financial systems, and business models.
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